Days Of My Life

This's just a place where i can talk,think lound&share every special moments 4me ,without acting or wearing masks. This's a place where i say what i want 2say not what i've 2, this's a place where u'll know me,this;s my small own world this's a place inwhich u'll know the days of my life :)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

"Treat others as you would like to be treated"

Not always works.....................................................!!!


Tuesday, March 28, 2006


u feel that u wanna talk 2someone but u duuno who he's or wht 2say?!!,u wanna shout as loud as u can that u push out ur sadness.Sometimes u feel so lonely or u need 2be
,Sometimes u feel that u r the sadest one on the world,Sometimes u feel that u r so gloomy,bored,pessemistic people can't stand u simply coz u urself can't do so!!
Sometimes u feel that u lose many things which u really love&can;t never be back,SO hard when u found that every new day come so worse than the last one,So strange that when u need 2cry just 2feel better but u can't do it&when u r trying 2stop ur tears can't do it too!!
Sometimes u feel that ur heart is so much fragile&can't be fixed,Sometimes u feel that ur heart is using 2get hurted as the Mom is using 2feed her baby everytime,everywhere,everyday....!!,Sometimes u feel so weak while others 're thinking that u r the strongest one ever while u r the only one who know how weak u r&need 2be supported,sometimes ppl thinks that u r a very good swimmer while u r drwaning in ur own problems,Sometimes u r so afraid of thinking of 2omrrow&that u feel that u have phopia of the word future as u take it 4granted that it's gonna be worse that 2day simply as 2day comparring the day be4!!,Sometimes u get bored of being sad, of acting&pretending being ok,ofhaving bad luck,of losing things u like,Sometimes u getbored of being u or being in urlife,Sometimes u feel that u r so much in need 2be loved,supported, 2be understood 2be resqued¬ the resquer,Sometimes u feel that u grow up although u aren't or u r still so young while in fact u already grown up or supposed 2be!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


how r u?
u know it's really so strange being so torn,confused like that

sometimes u just live dreaming&dreaming 4finding ur princecharmed as u always dream

the one who u wanna 2continue ur life with maybe u'll find him with all the characterstics u want maybe not but u just dream!!

that's so normal 4 anyone but what it's really weird that u really find this guy with exactly as u dreamt or maybe a bit better more than ur dream but 2find urself that u r not happy at all or don't wanna live this dream without knowing a real reason!! :S :S :S
nobody can understand ur behaviour coz simply urself can't do so!!
at that time u've only 2opitions either u continue on this way as it;s mentally ur dreams&trying 2be fine even by time or u just live ur dream 2fade away although it may never come agin
even my best friends R&M they did wht they did 4my sake&my benefits but i don;t wanna this
i'm not satisfied at all with wht they did
at this time u do nothing execept askin urself why..?!!why..?!!why..?!!
time 2go 4now
salmazzz :)

I've got a mail

how r u?!!u know i'm 2day so optimistic haven't i told u i'm a bit moody(em,yea u r right so much not just a bit *sigh)
btw u know it's great when u're waitting 4something&u think that's not coming&suddenly
in a very unexpected time u got it
that's wht happened 2me i was waitting 4this mail 4 a long time&i thought i'll never got it but
in fact I'VE GOT A MAIL u know although it's only 3 or 4 lines but it's more great having this mail than having 100 lines mail but from another sender ;)
gtg 4now
salamzzzzzzzzz :)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Being Pissed Off

i know as this's my 2nd post only or actually the 1st
i'm supposed 2be a bit funny or not make u getting bored like that
but i'm so much in need now 2talk&push out all this terrible feelings!!!
i'm really so pissed of because of this issue that when u just dream of something&only at the 1st step of ur dream u find it's end!!
when u wish something that 2find it exactly as u wished but with someone other not u?!!
that's was just a thought which i thought 2share it with u&i felt so much better by doing so
but gtg now!!!
Salamzzzzzz :)

welcome 2 my small own world
welcome 2 the days of my life :) : ) :)